Erin Good is an exciting new writer/director in the Australian Screen Indstry. She's produced a couple of series for Tik Tok, including her latest, Krystal Klairvoyant, which has been nominated for a Rose D'Or and C21 Internatinoal Media Awards. We had a great chat at Content London 2023 about writing a scripted series for a new social media platofrm like Tik Tok.

Check It out on...

Tik Tok:



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This is the first in a series of interviews I recorded at Content London 2023. Grainne is a highly experienced, strategic executive in the creative industries and current Director of Contant at Screen Australia. Before this she was the Head of Screen NSW. In this interview we talk about the benefits of the conference, how Screen Aus are there to help and loads about fudning.

Direct download: Grainne_Brunsdon_Complete.mp3
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Ben Lewin is an Australian writer and director. Despite contracting Polio at the age of 6, he's had a long and distinguished career in both TV and film. His TV credits include Rafferty's Rules and his best known films include Paperback Romance (1994) and The Sessions (2012), which starred John Hawkes and Helen Hunt, receiving an eye-watering number of award nominations.

Direct download: Ben_Lewin_Pt_1_Complete.mp3
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Libby Butler (Neighbours and Erinsbrough High) and newcomer lewis Mulholland chat about their web series "Loving Captivity", which they wrote, funded and produced whilst living through the Melbourne lockdowns. 

We chat about their writing process, how rom-coms influenced them and how they're doing during the second Melbourne lockdown.

You can watch the series for free via Youtube...

or Facebook...


Direct download: 75_Lewis__Libby_Complete.mp3
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Caden is an early-career Indigenous screenwriter, director, and producer from Cairns in Far North Queensland, Australia. He proudly got his start writing for The Epoch Times Australia during the Beijing Olympics in 2008. In his current lifetime his family is from the Bagarrmugu and Kuku Yalanji clans from Far North Queensland, with Scottish, French and Irish heritage as well.

In 2020, Caden produced, wrote, and directed a half-hour documentary in association with Australian public broadcaster NITV.

I bumped into Caden at Content London last year and was lucky to get to know this talented emerging screenwriter with an incredible story to tell.


Direct download: 74_Caden_Pearson_Complete.mp3
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Roger Simpson is a giant of Australian drama and shouldn't need an introduction!  If you've watched Aussie drama, you've seen one of his shows.

In this ep he chats about the resurrection of a very popular series of tele films, that first from 1994 to 2002, Halifax FP.  Breaking with tradition though, Halifax is now an 8-part series.

Roger goes talks about the development of the series, his long and incredible career and imparts some TV wisdom.

Direct download: 73_Roger_Simpson_Complete.mp3
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As Commissioning Editor for Drama in England and Scotland, Elizabeth Kilgarriff commissioned projects like Bodyguard, Poldark and Luther to name just a few of her hits.  But now she's branched out and heads up her own production company, Firebird Pictures.

I spoke to her during Content London about why she left the BBC, her process in developing and staffing new shows, opportunities for Australian writers and much more.

Direct download: 71_Elizabeth_Kilgarriff_Complete.mp3
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This episode is another story of Aussie writer made good overseas.  


I first met Micharne whilst working on Celebrity Apprentice a few years ago and now she's on the writing staff of Law & Order: SVU, the longest running US live-action series on television.  How cool is that?!


We talk about how she made it on to the show, why we shouldn't be too anxious when work gets in the way of writing and we get to hear some great insights into the writers room of SVU.

Direct download: Micharne_Cloughley_Complete.mp3
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This is the third in my series of interviews from the recent Content London Drama Summit.

Carly Heaton is Executive in charge of Drama Production at Australia's cable TV broadcaster, Foxtel.  In this quick episode, we talk about what sorts of shows Foxtel are looking for, the benefits of Content London and how to pitch to them, among a few more. 

Direct download: 70_Carly_Heaton_Complete.mp3
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This is the second interview in a series from the recent Content London Drama Summit. 

I got to chat to experienced producer Stuart Menzies outside by Regents Canal, to talk about Content London and various other issues pertaining to the industry.

Stuart is currently working as a freelance producer after many years as CEO at December Media and a decade at the ABC as Head of Documentaries, Controller of ABC 2 and finally Head of Content and Creative Development.

Direct download: Stuart_Menzies_Complete.mp3
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Phillippa Collie Cousins is a BAFTA Award winning director of The Deadness of Dad starring Rhys Ifans, she's currently the Drama Commissioner for UKTV, Britain's largest multichannel broadcaster.

In the first of a series of interviews recorded recently at C21 Media's Content London Drama Summit, I sat down with Phillippa to discuss UKTV's upcoming drama slate, what they look for in projects and many more questions.

Direct download: 68_CL_2019_Phillippa_Collie_Cousins_Complete.mp3
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This episode I talk to Libby Butler, the Script Producer of the new Neighbours spinoff, Erinsborough High.

Libby was in-house at Neighbours for many years before going freelance and working on other shows including the new ABC serial, The Heights.  But she was enticed back to the Neighbours family to run this new 5-part show.  It's got a slightly darker look and tone to it's older sibling and is well worth checking out on network 10's catchup service, 10play...

Direct download: 67_Libby_Butler_Complete.m4a
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Joshua Tyler co-wrote hit Australian film Top End Wedding with the star of the movie Miranda Tapsell.  We talk about how the film and his collaboration with Miranda came about, all aspects of the film and we delve into the rest of his career as well. 


It's a really fun, heart-warming romcom.  If you haven't already, I'd highly recommend you buy and/or rent Top End Wedding via...



Google Play:




Direct download: Joshua_Tyler_Complete.mp3
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Monica is an emerging writer, having written for Sisters and Tonightly with Tom Ballard.  Her latest effort on TV is ep 5 of Network 10's My Life is Murder "Another Bloody Podcast", which you can see tomorrow night (Wed 21 Aug) at 8:40pm.

Monica is also finishing off a move she wrote and directed called "Ellie and Abbie", so keep an eye out for that in theatres in the near future.

Direct download: Monica_Zanetti_Complete.mp3
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Nina Oyama is a stand-up comedian who's also written for Tonightly, The Chaser's Election Desk and sitcom in ABC Iview's Fresh Blood Pilot Season initiative; a show she created with her friend Angus Thompson and also acted in ABC's Utopia.  

You can check out The Angus Project here:

We talk about her time at Tonightly, caring for Angus (who has cerebral palsy) and lots more. 

Direct download: Nina_Oyama_Complete.mp3
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Tim Lee is an accomplished screenwriter who has written for Rescue Special Ops, Serangoon Road, Doctor Doctor and Mystery Road.  His path into screenwriting took many twists and turns however, resulting in a story of perseverance that has led to Awgie, AACTA and even NSW Premier's Literary Award nominations for his writing. 

Direct download: Tim_Lee_Complete.mp3
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Following on from my podcasts with Stephen Vagg in Eps 49 and 50, finally we talk about his own career.  It's a great chat, talking about his time as Script Producer of Neighbours, his writing and living in LA.

Direct download: Stephen_Vagg_Complete.mp3
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Emma and Shaun are a husband and wife writing team who met whilst working in the Neighbours writer's room.  Individually, they've written Neighbours, Home & Away and Winners & Losers, where they also worked in house as Script Producer and Associate Script Producer.  But now they're writing together and they've had a script selected for the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum List and two TV Pilots and a feature film go into development. 

Direct download: Emma__Shaun_Complete.mp3
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Felicity Packard is a super experienced writer and producer, having worked on Janet King, Wolf Creek, Anzac Girls, Underbelly and going back to GP.


In this episode we talk about her career, Wolf Creek and the recent ABC and Netflix show, Pine Gap; an international political thriller which is set around the Australian and American joint defence intelligence facility at Pine Gap.

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Recorded live at Knox Street Bar in Sydney on Tuesday 9th October.

Every series that has found its way onto our screens has only gotten there after a long and sometimes painful development. But what exactly is involved in this process and how can you make the most of that gestation period?

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insight from a broadcaster, a development manager and a freelance writer as they share their collective experience in solving problems and avoiding growing pains. 

Explore the decision-making process, both from a creative and logistical perspective along with the realities of meeting audience and investor expectations. 

Join Mithila Gupta (freelance writer), Amanda Isdale (ABC Children's) and Paddy Macrae (Matchbox Pictures) in conversation with Michael Drake (Sticky Pictures) as they explore the wonders and horrors of bringing a series to life.


Direct download: Gestation_Fixation_Complete.mp3
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Finally the second part to the interview with Aussie writer of Stan. and TV Land's Younger, created by Darren Star (Sex And The City) and starring Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff.

If you're new to the podcast, you can listen to part 1 of the interview in episode 52.

Direct download: Joe_Murphy_58_pt_2_Complete.mp3
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Recorded live at Knox St Bar on in Chippendale, Sydney on 11 September, two internationally acclaimed playwrights, Alana Valentine and Noëlle Janaczewska, discuss documentary theatre and the creative process. How do we best transform real experience into drama? How do we place non-fiction on stage?



Direct download: Alana_Valentine_Complete.mp3
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Nick Watson is another Aussie who's made it in Hollywood.  After moving to LA and doing whatever work he could, Nick and his writing partner landed a gig writing the second season of Final Space for TBS network (Netflix internationally).


It's well worth checking out the original pilot and comparing it to the final product.

Direct download: Nick_Watson_Complete.mp3
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Michael Chamberlin is a stand-up comedian, podcast host (Junktime AFL Podcast ) and currently head writer of Tonightly with Tom Ballard.

We run through a typical day in the Tonightly writer's room, how Michael came to write for comedy shows and treading the fine line between comedy and being offensive.


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This episode, I sat down with Ellie Beaumont and Drew Proffitt the showrunners of new SBS crime thriller, Dead Lucky.


We talk all things Dead Lucky, what they learned from their first showrunning experience on House Husbands and lots more.


If you haven't seen Dead Lucky, check it out here...



Direct download: Drew__Ellie_Complete.mp3
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Maya The Bee is beloved children's character in Germany and I recently chatted to Fin Edquist, the Australian writer of Maya's latest big screen adventure, The Honey Games.

We talk about Fin's career, how he came to write this German character and how writing a movie for a predominantly German audience differs to writing for Australian audiences.


Maya The Bee: The Honey Games opens Thursday 26 July at all major cinema chains and is a great watch if you have kids.

See the trailer here:


Direct download: Fin_Edquist_Complete.mp3
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This episode is part 1 of 2 with Joe Murphy, writer on the US hit show Younger.

In this ep, Joe talks about how he went from a small country town near Albury-Wodonga, Tangambalanga, to Deal Or No Deal and eventually on to Younger.  We also talk about the difference between writer's rooms here and in the US, what he had to do as an assistant and how having a support group of writers really helped him hone his scripts and propel his career.

If you're a fan of Younger and/or inspired by stories of Aussie's making it overseas, you won't want to miss this episode!

Direct download: Joe_Murphy_52_Complete.mp3
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Mark O'Toole is one of Australia's premier comedy writers.  He started on shows like Full Frontal, Eric and Totally Full Frontal and has written everything from John Safran vs God to Adam Hills Tonight and Spicks and Specks.

So naturally, this is the definitive conversation about writing comedy in Australia. 

Direct download: Mark_OToole_Complete.mp3
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Stephen Vagg rejoins us to discuss the History of Australian Screenwriting; a topic he knows a lot about having written an article for the AFTRS Lumina publication.

It maybe educational, but don't let that stop you listening, as Stephen has some great tidbits, like Australians were nominated for three Academy Awards for screenwriting in the 70's.

You can read Stephen's excellent article at AFTRS Lumina here...


Direct download: History_of_Aus_Screenwriting_Complete.mp3
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This is a special episode. Stephen Vagg - most recently the Script Producer on Neighbours - memorialises his good friend and colleague, James Walker.

James passed away, in January of 2018, aged only 41.  My condolences go out to his wife and two children. 

James was a veteran of both Neighbours and Home & Away and also wrote for shows like McLeod's Daughters, Wild Boys and Wonderland.

I'm really thankful to Stephen for coming to me with this idea, so people who didn't know James can get to know him and his legacy and also so his family, friends and colleagues can relive fond memories.

Direct download: Vale_James_Walker_Complete.mp3
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Sam Strauss is the co-creator and screenwriter of Dance Academy, the very popular ABC that has also spawned a feature film. 

We talk about how Dance Academy came to be, what it was like for her to come is as a Script Producer on the second series of The Wrong Girl and lots more.

Direct download: Sam_Strauss_Complete.mp3
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As Co Head of Drama at Nine Network with Jo Rooney, Andy has overseen the commissioning, development and production of such shows as Love Child, Fat Tony & Co and House Husbands.

We also talk about upcoming Nine shows and what it's like commissioning for a commercial broadcaster.  

Direct download: Andy_Ryan_Complete.mp3
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Catherine McMullen is one of the hottest young genre screenwriters in Australia at the moment.


In 2017 she won the John Hinde Award for Excellence in Science-Fiction writing for a pilot called 'Awake' and her feature script 'The Other Lamb' got her onto The Black List, The Hit List and The Blood List in Hollywood.


She is now commuting between Australia and LA, working in writers rooms and forging what will surely be an illustrious career.


We discuss her career trajectory to this point, how she writes and why you can't talk yourself down in Hollywood.


Direct download: CS_McMullen_Complete.mp3
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As the Drama Executive at Foxtel, Carly Heaton evaluates drama pitches and scripts, represents the network in writers' rooms and helps develop scripts.

We chat about upcoming Foxtel shows, who can pitch to Foxtel and what level your pitch might need to be at.

This is a great episode for insights into the Foxtel drama department.

Direct download: Carly_Heaton_Complete.mp3
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In trying to get different angles on Screenwriting and the screen industry, I recently attended C21's Content London Drama Summit, which brings together 1500 industry professionals to get insights about upcoming shows, understand the current marketplace and look at trends for the future amongst many more topics of discussion.

My interviews include:

Catherine Oldfield - Creative Director, Tall Story Pictures

Graeme Mason - CEO, Screen Australia

David Hannam - Screenwriter, Wanted, Nowhere Boys

Elizabeth Kilgarriff - Senior Commissioning Editor, BBC Drama England & Wales

Andy Ryan - Co-Head of Drama, Nine Network

Julie Eckersley - Producer, Matchbox Pictures

Jenni Tosi - CEO, Film Victoria

Nick Waller - Business Development Director, C21 Media


Direct download: Content_London_Complete.mp3
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Deb Jourdain is a Co-ordinator at Margot Robbie's Lucky Chap Entertainment in Hollywood.  She was Assistant to Producer John Edwards in Sydney for many years and moved over to LA a few years ago.  

If you're interested in moving to Hollywood or just interested in what happens over there, then Deb's story of working her way up the Hollywood ladder is a great listen.  She also has some great tips on how to gain credit, get a bank account and all those things you might overlook when setting up in a new city. 

Direct download: Deb_Jourdain_Complete.mp3
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At the recent AWG Event: Representing Disability Onscreen, Luke Buckmaster, the film critic for The Guardian Australia gave a keynote address talking about how people with disabilities have been represented on Australian TV and film throughout the years.

Direct download: Luke_Buckmaster_Keynote_Complete.mp3
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Tim Pye has had an illustrious career and it's far from over.  He's worked on everything from A Country Practice, E Street and Water Rats to Lockie Leonard, Stupid Stupid Man and Love Child.

Tim's won numerous awards including Awgies, AFIs and Logies and he now works as Head of Development at Scripted Ink, a screenwriter development company created up by NCIS Showrunner Shane Brennan.

Direct download: Tim_Pye_Complete.mp3
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On Thursday 28 Sept, AWG's Write Night presented the event Broadening The Horizons: Representing Disability On Screen at AFTRS in Sydney.

Genevieve Clay-Smith of Bus Stop Films chats to filmmakers Daniel Monks, Emily Dash, Johanna Garvin and Creative Director of Robot Army Ryan Chamley.



Direct download: Disability_On_Screen_Complete.mp3
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Vicki Madden got her break on the Flying Doctors in the early 90's and went on to write shows like Halifax f.p. and Sea Patrol amongst many more in Australia.  She has also worked a lot in the UK on shows like The Bill, The Clinic and K9.  But we go in depth to her most recent work, the highly acclaimed The Kettering Incident.  Vicki talks about where the show came from, working as a Showrunner and all things writing.  If you haven't watched The Kettering Incident yet, Spoilers!   

Direct download: Vicki_Madden_Complete.mp3
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The AWG kindly invited me to cover the 50th annual Awgie Awards on Friday 25th August.  I interviewed the winners after they came off stage.  The interviews were:


Richard Lane Award for Outstanding Service and Dedication to the AWG - Kelly Lefever

Theatre For Young Audiences - Finegan Kruckemeyer

Children's Television 'C' Classification - Thomas Duncan-Witt

Children's Television 'P' Classification - Melanie Alexander

Animation - Tim Bain

Stage - Leah Purcell

Interactive - Que Minh Luu, Chris Burke

Music Theatre - Danny Ginges with Philip Foxman

Community and Youth Theatre - Lachlan Philpott

Television Serial - Faith McKinnon

Comedy Situation or Narrative - Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola

Comedy Sketch or Light Entertainment - Declan Fay, Henry Stone, John Campbell, Stuart Daulman, Greg Larsen, Jonathan Schuster

Documentary Community, Educational and Training - Sam Meikle

Documentary Public Broadcast or Exhibition - Sally Aitken and Tim Ross

Feature Film Adaptation - Luke Davies

Television Telemovie or Miniseries - Kris Wyld and Kym Goldsworthy

2017 Major Award - Leah Purcell


Direct download: Awgies_2017_Complete.mp3
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This AWG Event was recorded live at 107 Projects in Redfern, Sydney on 1st May 2017. 

Writing for interactivity can present many challenges to the newcomer, and involves shedding a lot of what we've always been taught about storytelling.  Are beginning, middle and end really essential?

Moderated by Teresa Crea, Christy Dena, Leena van Deventer, Anna Irwin-Schutze, Krister Collin and Nicole Stark talk about their experiences in writing for interactive media. 

Direct download: AWG_Live-Navigate_Interactive_Writing_Complete.mp3
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Rebecca is currently writing a rom-com feature film.  Her career started when she was commissioned to write a sitcom for the ABC and soon transitioned into freelance script consulting and editing.  Highlights in her career include being Creative Executive for the Producer of Capote, William Vince, writing script notes for Terry Gilliam's The Imagination of Dr Parnassus and story consulting on Paul McGuigan's Sci-fi feature Push.   

Direct download: Rebecca_Fisher_Complete.mp3
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AWG NSW Write Night event recorded live from the Harlequinn Inn in Pyrmont.

Featuring screenwriters Debra Oswald, Shane Krause, Rebecca Sommi-Fisher and Story Consultant Karel Segers.

Direct download: Dialogue_on_Dialogue_Complete_128Kbps.mp3
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34: Holly Lyons  (Emmerdale)

Holly Lyons has written for Neighbours, Home & Away and details her experience working on and writing for the soaps in the UK.  We also detail the importance of pitching.

Direct download: Holly_Lyons_Complete.mp3
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33: Mithila Gupta (Neighbours)

Mithila Gupta entered TV land via Neighbours as a Storyliner and worked her way up to Script Editor and then Writer.  After going freelance she worked on Winners & Losers and Home & Away.  most recently she's worked on ABC's Indigenous sci-fi series Cleverman.

Direct download: Mithila_Gupta_Raw_Complete_2.mp3
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32: AFTRS Speed Pitching Event

Recently, I recorded a speed pitching event at Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS). You'll hear several minutes of pitch by Screenwriting students followed by several minutes of assessment by Producing students. 

The first Producer was Dominic Hart.  Pitchees are:

  1. Keaton Stewart
  2. Dave Bloustein
  3. Stephanie Basile
  4. Luke McKenzie
  5. Gareth Richards
  6. Sarah Emery

The second Producer was Sarah Bassiuoni. Pitchers are:

  1. Suzanne Slack-Smith
  2. Tasman Porter

We then got some professional assessment of the pitches by Andrew Gregory, Development Manager/Executive Producer at the ABC and Home & Away screenwriter Nick King.

Direct download: AFTRS_Pitching_Event_Complete.mp3
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31: Awgie Awards 2016

A different type of episode this time. Where I briefly interviewed Awgie winners after their win at the AWG Awgie Awards on Friday 14th October.

Winners include:

1 - Rachel Spratt

2 - Adam Spellicy

3 - Angus Cerini

4 - Claire Stone

5 - Donna Abela

6 - Gerard McCulloch

7 - Hilary Bell

8 - Jason Herbison

9 - Katie Found

10 - Marcia Gardner

11 - Nick Pearce

12 - Sally Hardy

13 - Josh Thomas, Liz Doran, Thomas Hardy


Direct download: Awgies_2016_Complete.mp3
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30: Patricia Cornelius (Playwright)

Recorded live at the AWG's Write Like A Man event at King's Cross Hotel, Donna Abela interviews award-winning playwright Patricia Cornelius.

She is known for her confronting plays that often deal with people living on the margins of society, struggling with poverty and prejudice.  Patricia has written over 25 plays, including SHIT, Savages, Slut, The Call amongst many more.

Patricia's many awards include a Gold AWGIE, numerous other AWGIEs, a Green Room Award and Patrick White Playwrights' Award.


Direct download: Patricia_Cornelius_Complete.mp3
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29: Helen Bowden & Jason Stephens   (Lingo Pictures)

This Ep is Helen Bowden and Jason Stephens who recently left Matchbox Pictures and Fremantlemedia respectively to form Lingo Pictures.

Helen has produced shows such as The Slap, Devil's Playground and Underground: The Julian Assange Story, while Jason started as a writer/performer on The D Generation, but more recently has produced The King, Devil's Dust and Mr & Mrs Murder, amongst many more. 

You can get in touch with me via Facebook...

or Twitter...

Direct download: Helen__Jason_Complete.mp3
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28: Andy Muir (Underbelly: Squizzy)

Today's guest Andy Muir has worked his way through various script departments and written for Underbelly and Neighbours.  He's also a novel writer, having written the novelisation of Underbelly: Squizzy and later this year his first original novel, Something For Nothing will be released.



Direct download: Andy_Muir_Complete.mp3
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27: Rick Kalowski (ABC Head of Comedy)

This episode's guest, Rick Kalowski, started his professional career as a lawyer, but turned to screenwriting after his first screenplay got produced, by none other than Emile Sherman.  

He went on to become the head writer of sketch comedy show Big Bite and also created At Home With Julia; A show so dangerous, it prompted the Labor party to commission a study to prove it wasn't funny.

He's now the Head of Comedy at the ABC and in the episode we discuss all facets of this role. 

Direct download: Rick_Kalowski_Complete.mp3
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26: Michaeley O'Brien (Serangoon Road)

Michaeley O'Brien is an incredibly experienced writer.

She studied journalism, but slipped into screenwriting after attending AFTRS and then doing submissions for Home & Away.

Her career has taken across so many shows I can't list them all, but highlights include Blue Heelers, McLeod's Daughters, Underbelly and Serangoon Road.

As well talking through her career, Michaeley shares the secret to not only co-creating your own show - as she did with the telemovie 'The Killing Field' which became the series 'Winter' - but also getting it shot in your home town! 

Direct download: Michaeley_OBrien_Complete.mp3
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25: Grant Scicluna (Downriver)

There's all sorts of ways to become a screenwriter.  Grant Scicluna got there after being awarded funding for his short-film The Wilding and having that play in festivals around the world, he then used that as a trailer to get funding for upcoming feature Downriver.

But that makes the journey sound easy.  Through the years of writing these projects Grant has toughed it out working part-time jobs as well.  

But Grant's skill and perseverance has paid off, with Downriver getting Australian and US distribution.

This is a great insight into working with funding bodies, adapting novels and never giving up.


Direct download: Grant_Scicluna_Complete.mp3
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24: Alice Bell (The Beautiful Lie)

Alice's first screenplay, Suburban Mayhem, went to the Cannes film festival she hasn't looked back from there.  She was noticed by prolific TV Producer John Edwards and has worked for him ever since.  With a slight detour through The Slap, she's written Rush, Spirited, Puberty Blues and The Beautiful Lie.

Alice talks about the pressure taking over from Tony McNamara as head writer for Puberty Blues series 2, how she adapted Tolstoy's epic Anna Karenina into The Beautiful Lie and if she'll ever get her husband to write a kids movie with her.

Direct download: Alice_Bell_Complete.mp3
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23: Shelley Birse (The Code)

Shelley Birse built her career the old-fashioned way, working her way through the ranks of the script department on GP.  She has since gone on to become one of Australia's premiere screenwriters, working on such shows as Wildside, Stingers, Blue Water High, Satisfaction and Lockie Leonard.

Last year saw the release of The Code, the highly acclaimed and award winning thriller which she created wrote and Produced.  Currently working on series 2 of the Code, Shelley was generous enough to talk about writing and Producing The Code and the thrill of writing on Lockie Leonard.

If you enjoy the podcast, please write a review and rate the show in iTunes.


Direct download: Shelley_Birse_Complete.mp3
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22: Courtney Wise & Kacie Anning (Fragments of Friday)

If you've ever wanted to make your own web series then this is the episode for you.  My guests this week, Courtney Wise and Kacie Anning give a great insight into making their popular web series Fragments of Friday.

Courtney and Kacie discuss the development of Fragments of Friday from Kacie crowd-funding series 1, gaining Screen Australia funding for series 2 and then marketing and distributing the series on the web.  A marketing job so successful, Fragments of Friday sits along side Hollywood heavyweight sitcoms on Qantas inflight entertainment.


If you enjoyed the show and would like to leave some feedback, please get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.


Direct download: Courtney__Kacie_Complete.mp3
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21: Tommy Murphy (Holding The Man)

Tommy Murphy started as a playwright, with a residency at Sydney's Griffin Theatre where he wrote Strangers In Between and Holding The Man, which won the NSW Premiers Literary Award for Best Play two years running.  It was Holding the Man which would divert his career to screenwriting.  After many drafts and years of development, the film was released in 2014 to much acclaim.


Tommy discusses his journey from playwright to screenwriter, the reason his wi-fi doesn't stretch to the room out the back and how he came to write both the stage screen versions of Holding The Man.

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20: Shaun Grant (Snowtown)

My guest this Episode is Shaun Grant.  He won an AACTA award in 2012 for his first screenplay, the chilling Snowtown and since then has worked on acclaimed TV shows Killing Time and Deadline Gallipoli.


In the podcast Shaun talks about why he had to quit his school teacher job on a Friday to start work on Killing Time the following Monday, how he came to write Snowtown and projects he's working on now, amongst other topics.

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19: Margot Nash (UTS Screenwriting Lecturer)

Margot Nash is a very accomplished screenwriter and director.  Her feature films have been nominated for many AFI awards and the NSW Premiers Literary Award.  She's run documentary training workshops for Pacific Island women and mentorships for Indigenous filmmakers.  She currently teaches screenwriting at University of Technology in Sydney while her latest film 'The Silences' is a personal account of repressed and hidden histories in Margot's family.  Not only do we discuss her career, but Margot educates us with some great writing concepts and methodologies.

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18: Andrew Anastasios & Andrew Knight (The Water Diviner)

Andrew Anastasios co-wrote the hit film The Water Diviner and is currently working on the Jack Irish TV series as writer and Producer.

We begin talking about how one small line in a war diary prompted him to create this story.  We're soon joined by his co-writer of the film Andrew Knight.

We learn heaps about the background of the Water Diviner before the discussion turns to all aspects of the industry and how writers benefit from getting away from their desks and learning to collaborate with all areas of a production.

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17: Awgie Awards 2015

This Ep is something very different.  Instead of a sitdown interview, thanks to the AWG I was lucky enough to interview winners backstage at the 48th Annual Australian Writers Guild Awards (Awgies) last Friday night, 11th September 2015.  There are 21 short clips which encompass most of the winners on the night.  

  1. Andrew Anastasios
  2. Tommy Murphy
  3. Brendan Cowell
  4. Dave Wade
  5. Tim Pye
  6. Aden Rolfe
  7. Josh Thomas (for Kate McCartney & Kate McLennan)
  8. Bruce Griffiths
  9. Sandy Cameron
  10. Joel Slacksmith & Nazeem Hussain
  11. Josh Thomas
  12. Michael Lucas & Stuart Page
  13. Louise Bowes
  14. Nicole Ash (for Alan Seymour)
  15. Charlotte Rose Hamlyn
  16. David Witt
  17. Nicki Bloom
  18. Katherine Thomson
  19. Jan Sardi & Mac Gudgeon
  20. Shaun Grant
  21. Andrew Anastasios





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16: Sigrid Thornton (Peter Allen: Not The Boy Next Door)

The Sullivans, Prisoner, The Man From Snowy River, All The Rivers Run, The Far Country, Seachange and Underbelly, to name but a few.

This episode of the podcast we take a look at screenwriting from a different perspective.  That of the actress.  I was privileged to talk to acting legend Sigrid Thornton.  We talk about what she looks for in a script and find out some favourite memories from her career. 

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15: Peter Gawler (Underbelly)

Senior Drama Producer at Screentime Peter Gawler has had a long and successful career writing and producing numerous shows, most notably the Underbelly franchise.  Peter talks about his path into the industry via some less than safe stunt shooting and then as a trainee at Crawfords.  He also discusses how the upcoming Wolf Creek series came about and his enjoyment of writing in the horror genre.

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14: Tom Hegarty (Crawfords Legend)

This episode is something a bit different than normal in that my guest is a living legend of Australian Screenwriting, Tom Hegarty.

Tom was a writer during the glory years of Crawfords during the 60's, 70's and 80's, working on such influential shows as Homicide, Division 4, Matlock Police, Eureka Stockade, A Town Like Alice. Tom also worked through the 90's on E Street, Stingers and Blue Heelers.

Tom talks about his journey into screenwriting (via theatre and BBC radio plays) and tells some great stories of working at Crawfords and especially with Hector Crawford himself.  

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13: Debra Oswald (Offspring)

Debra Oswald has written on many local shows, Police Rescue, Wildside and even Bananas in Pyjamas to name but a few.  She has also written numerous plays, young adult novels and has another novel Useful, out now.  But it's as creator and head-writer of the highly successful Offspring that she is best known.


We delve into all things writing; Debra talks about tips and tricks to get into writing each day and of course we discuss Offspring. 



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12: Kelly Lefever (Prisoner, The Circuit)

Kelly Lefever comes from a long line of screenwriters and got her start on Prisoner as a 17 year old.  From there she has written for numerous productions including Neighbours, Blue Heelers, The Circuit and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries to name but a few.  

In this episode Kelly discusses many topics including her writing routine, dealing with the anxiety of delivering scripts, the benefits of the Writers Guild and her life-changing experience working on The Circuit. 

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11: Peter Mattessi (Eastenders)

How do you get a job working on the biggest soap in the UK?  Tell the truth and admit you’ve never seen the show!  It worked for Peter Mattessi, but he’s also a talented, hard-working writer.  While writing for Neighbours here in Australia, Peter still writes for Eastenders and Holby City back in England.  Peter talks about writing those popular shows, the pitching and development process in England and he also shares some great insights into balancing such a demanding workload in both Australia and the UK.

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10: Adam Zwar (Wilfred)

Adam Zwar has appeared on our screens since the late 90's, but it was when his sitcom about a man in a dog suit (Wilfred) first aired in 2007 that his profile exploded.  Since then, he has been a constant in the comedy scene in Australia with The Agony... series of shows, Lowdown and even a US adaptation of Wilfred.


We talk about how Adam writes, how Wilfred and Lowdown came to be and what his next projects are.

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9: Kristen Dunphy (East West 101)

Kristen Dunphy started her career in the ABC script department, back when broadcasters did everything in-house.  She quickly moved up the ranks and got her first script on GP.  Over the years Kristen has written for numerous crime dramas including White Collar Blue, the acclaimed Wildside and East West 101 amongst many more.  

In this podcast, Kristen relates stories of her days at the ABC, the encouraging words given to her by a mentor after she won an AWGIE and like all writers, she still gets insecure about her scripts once she’s turned them in.

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8: Sam Meikle (Home & Away, Neighbours)

Prolific screenwriter and AWGIE winner Sam Meikle may well be the most versatile writer we’ve had on the podcast.  Not only is he a prolific writer of Home & Away and Neighbours, but he’s written a documentary, numerous hour-long dramas, kid’s animation and currently has a feature film in the works.

Amongst other things, Sam outlines his technique for writing feature film screenplays and we find out he turned an early setback on All Saints into a great learning experience that helped him become the award-winning writer he is today.


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7: Niki Aken   (Anzac Girls)

This is a must listen for all aspiring screenwriters.  Emerging Writer Niki Aken shares her experience of breaking into the industry and gaining her first professional script.  We also delve deep into her writing process, learn that she did so much research for Underbelly she could have consulted back to the Police about their cases and how she managed to write the criminal characters who inhabit a very different world to herself.

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6: Zak Hilditch (These Final Hours)

Zak Hilditch is a Perth based Writer/Director who released his first feature film These Final Hours to much acclaim last year. 

On the podcast Zak discusses writing the film, how he obtained funding from ScreenWest and Screen Australia, being introduced to Rob Connolly, alternate endings and how he bounced back from the disappointing Australian box office.

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5: Blake Ayshford (Devil's Playground)

This episode I talk to Blake Ayshford, who started his career with a Home & Away episode and a stint as Script Editor on All Saints. Blake was really honest about having long periods outside the industry, unable to find writing gigs. But he proves that perseverance pays off as he's been prolific in recent years, writing on Crownies, The Straits, The Code and Devil's Playground.

Blake also talks about getting an agent in the UK, possibly the longest gap between a first and second draft ever and how he is now enjoying life as a Producer as well as Writer.

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4: Sarah Walker (Wonderland)

Sarah is currently Script Producer for 'Wonderland', a show she also co-created. Durin her career, Sarah has also written for or Script Produced 'Home & Away', 'Neighbours', 'Winners & Losers' and 'All Saints'. In this episode, she recounts stories of getting an agent, going to Hollywood to pitch and reveals some big news on who bought that pitch. Hang around to the end for her amazing story of how she met Angelina Jolie.

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3: Tony Ayres (Producer@Matchbox Pictures)

Tony Ayres rose to prominence as the Writer/Director of the internationally acclaimed feature film 'The Homesong Stories'.  He went on to become a founding member of Matchbox Pictures, one of Australia's premier production companies.  

Since Matchbox began in 2008, Tony has Produced or Executive Produced such shows as 'The Slap', 'The Straits', 'Underground', 'Old School' and 'Devil's Playground'.  With the ability to work across genres, Tony produced Rebel Wilson's comedy vehicle 'Bogan Pride' and the Emmy nominated sci-fi drama 'Nowhere Boys', now in its second series.  

On top of all this, Tony returned to his feature film roots this year, directing the noirish thriller 'Cut Snake'. 

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2: Kris Mrksa   (Underbelly:The Golden Mile)

Kris Mrksa has written for many of Australia’s most-loved shows, but is best known for co-writing the Graham Kennedy biopic ‘The King’, ‘Unerbelly’ and ‘Devil’s Dust’.  In this episode Kris talks about his writing regime, why all the boobs in Underbelly weren't his idea and he tells us about his burgeoning career in the UK.

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1: Michael Lucas (Party Tricks, Offspring)

Best known for writing on the hit show 'Offspring', Michael also wrote the feature film 'Not Suitable For Children' starring Ryan Kwanten.  Not content to just write, Michael not only created 'Party Tricks' for Network Ten, he stepped up to Produce as well.


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