As Commissioning Editor for Drama in England and Scotland, Elizabeth Kilgarriff commissioned projects like Bodyguard, Poldark and Luther to name just a few of her hits.  But now she's branched out and heads up her own production company, Firebird Pictures.

I spoke to her during Content London about why she left the BBC, her process in developing and staffing new shows, opportunities for Australian writers and much more.

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This episode is another story of Aussie writer made good overseas.  


I first met Micharne whilst working on Celebrity Apprentice a few years ago and now she's on the writing staff of Law & Order: SVU, the longest running US live-action series on television.  How cool is that?!


We talk about how she made it on to the show, why we shouldn't be too anxious when work gets in the way of writing and we get to hear some great insights into the writers room of SVU.

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