13: Debra Oswald (Offspring)

Debra Oswald has written on many local shows, Police Rescue, Wildside and even Bananas in Pyjamas to name but a few.  She has also written numerous plays, young adult novels and has another novel Useful, out now.  But it's as creator and head-writer of the highly successful Offspring that she is best known.


We delve into all things writing; Debra talks about tips and tricks to get into writing each day and of course we discuss Offspring. 



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12: Kelly Lefever (Prisoner, The Circuit)

Kelly Lefever comes from a long line of screenwriters and got her start on Prisoner as a 17 year old.  From there she has written for numerous productions including Neighbours, Blue Heelers, The Circuit and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries to name but a few.  

In this episode Kelly discusses many topics including her writing routine, dealing with the anxiety of delivering scripts, the benefits of the Writers Guild and her life-changing experience working on The Circuit. 

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