This is a special episode. Stephen Vagg - most recently the Script Producer on Neighbours - memorialises his good friend and colleague, James Walker.

James passed away, in January of 2018, aged only 41.  My condolences go out to his wife and two children. 

James was a veteran of both Neighbours and Home & Away and also wrote for shows like McLeod's Daughters, Wild Boys and Wonderland.

I'm really thankful to Stephen for coming to me with this idea, so people who didn't know James can get to know him and his legacy and also so his family, friends and colleagues can relive fond memories.

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Sam Strauss is the co-creator and screenwriter of Dance Academy, the very popular ABC that has also spawned a feature film. 

We talk about how Dance Academy came to be, what it was like for her to come is as a Script Producer on the second series of The Wrong Girl and lots more.

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