27: Rick Kalowski (ABC Head of Comedy)

This episode's guest, Rick Kalowski, started his professional career as a lawyer, but turned to screenwriting after his first screenplay got produced, by none other than Emile Sherman.  

He went on to become the head writer of sketch comedy show Big Bite and also created At Home With Julia; A show so dangerous, it prompted the Labor party to commission a study to prove it wasn't funny.

He's now the Head of Comedy at the ABC and in the episode we discuss all facets of this role. 

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26: Michaeley O'Brien (Serangoon Road)

Michaeley O'Brien is an incredibly experienced writer.

She studied journalism, but slipped into screenwriting after attending AFTRS and then doing submissions for Home & Away.

Her career has taken across so many shows I can't list them all, but highlights include Blue Heelers, McLeod's Daughters, Underbelly and Serangoon Road.

As well talking through her career, Michaeley shares the secret to not only co-creating your own show - as she did with the telemovie 'The Killing Field' which became the series 'Winter' - but also getting it shot in your home town! 

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