Deb Jourdain is a Co-ordinator at Margot Robbie's Lucky Chap Entertainment in Hollywood.  She was Assistant to Producer John Edwards in Sydney for many years and moved over to LA a few years ago.  

If you're interested in moving to Hollywood or just interested in what happens over there, then Deb's story of working her way up the Hollywood ladder is a great listen.  She also has some great tips on how to gain credit, get a bank account and all those things you might overlook when setting up in a new city. 

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At the recent AWG Event: Representing Disability Onscreen, Luke Buckmaster, the film critic for The Guardian Australia gave a keynote address talking about how people with disabilities have been represented on Australian TV and film throughout the years.

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Tim Pye has had an illustrious career and it's far from over.  He's worked on everything from A Country Practice, E Street and Water Rats to Lockie Leonard, Stupid Stupid Man and Love Child.

Tim's won numerous awards including Awgies, AFIs and Logies and he now works as Head of Development at Scripted Ink, a screenwriter development company created up by NCIS Showrunner Shane Brennan.

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