This is the second interview in a series from the recent Content London Drama Summit. 

I got to chat to experienced producer Stuart Menzies outside by Regents Canal, to talk about Content London and various other issues pertaining to the industry.

Stuart is currently working as a freelance producer after many years as CEO at December Media and a decade at the ABC as Head of Documentaries, Controller of ABC 2 and finally Head of Content and Creative Development.

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Phillippa Collie Cousins is a BAFTA Award winning director of The Deadness of Dad starring Rhys Ifans, she's currently the Drama Commissioner for UKTV, Britain's largest multichannel broadcaster.

In the first of a series of interviews recorded recently at C21 Media's Content London Drama Summit, I sat down with Phillippa to discuss UKTV's upcoming drama slate, what they look for in projects and many more questions.

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This episode I talk to Libby Butler, the Script Producer of the new Neighbours spinoff, Erinsborough High.

Libby was in-house at Neighbours for many years before going freelance and working on other shows including the new ABC serial, The Heights.  But she was enticed back to the Neighbours family to run this new 5-part show.  It's got a slightly darker look and tone to it's older sibling and is well worth checking out on network 10's catchup service, 10play...

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Joshua Tyler co-wrote hit Australian film Top End Wedding with the star of the movie Miranda Tapsell.  We talk about how the film and his collaboration with Miranda came about, all aspects of the film and we delve into the rest of his career as well. 


It's a really fun, heart-warming romcom.  If you haven't already, I'd highly recommend you buy and/or rent Top End Wedding via...



Google Play:




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Monica is an emerging writer, having written for Sisters and Tonightly with Tom Ballard.  Her latest effort on TV is ep 5 of Network 10's My Life is Murder "Another Bloody Podcast", which you can see tomorrow night (Wed 21 Aug) at 8:40pm.

Monica is also finishing off a move she wrote and directed called "Ellie and Abbie", so keep an eye out for that in theatres in the near future.

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Nina Oyama is a stand-up comedian who's also written for Tonightly, The Chaser's Election Desk and sitcom in ABC Iview's Fresh Blood Pilot Season initiative; a show she created with her friend Angus Thompson and also acted in ABC's Utopia.  

You can check out The Angus Project here:

We talk about her time at Tonightly, caring for Angus (who has cerebral palsy) and lots more. 

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Tim Lee is an accomplished screenwriter who has written for Rescue Special Ops, Serangoon Road, Doctor Doctor and Mystery Road.  His path into screenwriting took many twists and turns however, resulting in a story of perseverance that has led to Awgie, AACTA and even NSW Premier's Literary Award nominations for his writing. 

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Following on from my podcasts with Stephen Vagg in Eps 49 and 50, finally we talk about his own career.  It's a great chat, talking about his time as Script Producer of Neighbours, his writing and living in LA.

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Emma and Shaun are a husband and wife writing team who met whilst working in the Neighbours writer's room.  Individually, they've written Neighbours, Home & Away and Winners & Losers, where they also worked in house as Script Producer and Associate Script Producer.  But now they're writing together and they've had a script selected for the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum List and two TV Pilots and a feature film go into development. 

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Felicity Packard is a super experienced writer and producer, having worked on Janet King, Wolf Creek, Anzac Girls, Underbelly and going back to GP.


In this episode we talk about her career, Wolf Creek and the recent ABC and Netflix show, Pine Gap; an international political thriller which is set around the Australian and American joint defence intelligence facility at Pine Gap.

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