5: Blake Ayshford (Devil's Playground)

This episode I talk to Blake Ayshford, who started his career with a Home & Away episode and a stint as Script Editor on All Saints. Blake was really honest about having long periods outside the industry, unable to find writing gigs. But he proves that perseverance pays off as he's been prolific in recent years, writing on Crownies, The Straits, The Code and Devil's Playground.

Blake also talks about getting an agent in the UK, possibly the longest gap between a first and second draft ever and how he is now enjoying life as a Producer as well as Writer.

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4: Sarah Walker (Wonderland)

Sarah is currently Script Producer for 'Wonderland', a show she also co-created. Durin her career, Sarah has also written for or Script Produced 'Home & Away', 'Neighbours', 'Winners & Losers' and 'All Saints'. In this episode, she recounts stories of getting an agent, going to Hollywood to pitch and reveals some big news on who bought that pitch. Hang around to the end for her amazing story of how she met Angelina Jolie.

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