3: Tony Ayres (Producer@Matchbox Pictures)

Tony Ayres rose to prominence as the Writer/Director of the internationally acclaimed feature film 'The Homesong Stories'.  He went on to become a founding member of Matchbox Pictures, one of Australia's premier production companies.  

Since Matchbox began in 2008, Tony has Produced or Executive Produced such shows as 'The Slap', 'The Straits', 'Underground', 'Old School' and 'Devil's Playground'.  With the ability to work across genres, Tony produced Rebel Wilson's comedy vehicle 'Bogan Pride' and the Emmy nominated sci-fi drama 'Nowhere Boys', now in its second series.  

On top of all this, Tony returned to his feature film roots this year, directing the noirish thriller 'Cut Snake'. 

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2: Kris Mrksa   (Underbelly:The Golden Mile)

Kris Mrksa has written for many of Australia’s most-loved shows, but is best known for co-writing the Graham Kennedy biopic ‘The King’, ‘Unerbelly’ and ‘Devil’s Dust’.  In this episode Kris talks about his writing regime, why all the boobs in Underbelly weren't his idea and he tells us about his burgeoning career in the UK.

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1: Michael Lucas (Party Tricks, Offspring)

Best known for writing on the hit show 'Offspring', Michael also wrote the feature film 'Not Suitable For Children' starring Ryan Kwanten.  Not content to just write, Michael not only created 'Party Tricks' for Network Ten, he stepped up to Produce as well.


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