Recorded live at Knox Street Bar in Sydney on Tuesday 9th October.

Every series that has found its way onto our screens has only gotten there after a long and sometimes painful development. But what exactly is involved in this process and how can you make the most of that gestation period?

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insight from a broadcaster, a development manager and a freelance writer as they share their collective experience in solving problems and avoiding growing pains. 

Explore the decision-making process, both from a creative and logistical perspective along with the realities of meeting audience and investor expectations. 

Join Mithila Gupta (freelance writer), Amanda Isdale (ABC Children's) and Paddy Macrae (Matchbox Pictures) in conversation with Michael Drake (Sticky Pictures) as they explore the wonders and horrors of bringing a series to life.


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Finally the second part to the interview with Aussie writer of Stan. and TV Land's Younger, created by Darren Star (Sex And The City) and starring Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff.

If you're new to the podcast, you can listen to part 1 of the interview in episode 52.

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Recorded live at Knox St Bar on in Chippendale, Sydney on 11 September, two internationally acclaimed playwrights, Alana Valentine and Noëlle Janaczewska, discuss documentary theatre and the creative process. How do we best transform real experience into drama? How do we place non-fiction on stage?



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Nick Watson is another Aussie who's made it in Hollywood.  After moving to LA and doing whatever work he could, Nick and his writing partner landed a gig writing the second season of Final Space for TBS network (Netflix internationally).


It's well worth checking out the original pilot and comparing it to the final product.

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Michael Chamberlin is a stand-up comedian, podcast host (Junktime AFL Podcast ) and currently head writer of Tonightly with Tom Ballard.

We run through a typical day in the Tonightly writer's room, how Michael came to write for comedy shows and treading the fine line between comedy and being offensive.


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This episode, I sat down with Ellie Beaumont and Drew Proffitt the showrunners of new SBS crime thriller, Dead Lucky.


We talk all things Dead Lucky, what they learned from their first showrunning experience on House Husbands and lots more.


If you haven't seen Dead Lucky, check it out here...



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Maya The Bee is beloved children's character in Germany and I recently chatted to Fin Edquist, the Australian writer of Maya's latest big screen adventure, The Honey Games.

We talk about Fin's career, how he came to write this German character and how writing a movie for a predominantly German audience differs to writing for Australian audiences.


Maya The Bee: The Honey Games opens Thursday 26 July at all major cinema chains and is a great watch if you have kids.

See the trailer here:


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This episode is part 1 of 2 with Joe Murphy, writer on the US hit show Younger.

In this ep, Joe talks about how he went from a small country town near Albury-Wodonga, Tangambalanga, to Deal Or No Deal and eventually on to Younger.  We also talk about the difference between writer's rooms here and in the US, what he had to do as an assistant and how having a support group of writers really helped him hone his scripts and propel his career.

If you're a fan of Younger and/or inspired by stories of Aussie's making it overseas, you won't want to miss this episode!

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Mark O'Toole is one of Australia's premier comedy writers.  He started on shows like Full Frontal, Eric and Totally Full Frontal and has written everything from John Safran vs God to Adam Hills Tonight and Spicks and Specks.

So naturally, this is the definitive conversation about writing comedy in Australia. 

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Stephen Vagg rejoins us to discuss the History of Australian Screenwriting; a topic he knows a lot about having written an article for the AFTRS Lumina publication.

It maybe educational, but don't let that stop you listening, as Stephen has some great tidbits, like Australians were nominated for three Academy Awards for screenwriting in the 70's.

You can read Stephen's excellent article at AFTRS Lumina here...


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This is a special episode. Stephen Vagg - most recently the Script Producer on Neighbours - memorialises his good friend and colleague, James Walker.

James passed away, in January of 2018, aged only 41.  My condolences go out to his wife and two children. 

James was a veteran of both Neighbours and Home & Away and also wrote for shows like McLeod's Daughters, Wild Boys and Wonderland.

I'm really thankful to Stephen for coming to me with this idea, so people who didn't know James can get to know him and his legacy and also so his family, friends and colleagues can relive fond memories.

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Sam Strauss is the co-creator and screenwriter of Dance Academy, the very popular ABC that has also spawned a feature film. 

We talk about how Dance Academy came to be, what it was like for her to come is as a Script Producer on the second series of The Wrong Girl and lots more.

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As Co Head of Drama at Nine Network with Jo Rooney, Andy has overseen the commissioning, development and production of such shows as Love Child, Fat Tony & Co and House Husbands.

We also talk about upcoming Nine shows and what it's like commissioning for a commercial broadcaster.  

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Catherine McMullen is one of the hottest young genre screenwriters in Australia at the moment.


In 2017 she won the John Hinde Award for Excellence in Science-Fiction writing for a pilot called 'Awake' and her feature script 'The Other Lamb' got her onto The Black List, The Hit List and The Blood List in Hollywood.


She is now commuting between Australia and LA, working in writers rooms and forging what will surely be an illustrious career.


We discuss her career trajectory to this point, how she writes and why you can't talk yourself down in Hollywood.


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As the Drama Executive at Foxtel, Carly Heaton evaluates drama pitches and scripts, represents the network in writers' rooms and helps develop scripts.

We chat about upcoming Foxtel shows, who can pitch to Foxtel and what level your pitch might need to be at.

This is a great episode for insights into the Foxtel drama department.

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